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5 Best Pizza Places In Orlando

5 Best Pizza Places in Orlando

Orlando city may not boast of the best of pizza quality like maybe New York or Chicago but rest assured, pizza lovers are not about to starve in Orlando. Should you find yourself in the city and the hunger for a nice slice of pizza overwhelms you, worry not because Orlando got you covered. The following pizza joints offer the best pizzas in town. They may even come close or exceed the quality of your dealer back in New York or from wherever you are visiting.

  1. Giordano’s
  2. Blaze Pizza
  3. Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza
  4. Pizza Bruno
  5. Flippers


Another impressive pizza joint in Orlando has to be Giordano’s. They are strategically located at the centre of the tourist district, making them easily accessible to pizza lovers. They also offer delivery services bringing the slices right wherever you are. Giordano’s specialize in the Chicago stuffed deep-dish pizza but also provide other meals on their menu to delight every palate.

Blaze Pizza…

Blaze Pizza offers artisanal pizza that will blow your mind. To make matters more interesting, they can from scratch customize your pizza according to your specifications. They use scratch dough and artisanal ingredients to make you the magic you want. In light of their customizing aspect, they can offer you vegan and gluten-free slices. They have multiple outlets available all over the city. Moreover, their packaging falls in line with environmental conservation since it is wholly recyclable, which can entice the environmentally-conscious lovers of pizza Orlando has.

Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza…

This joint is famous for the Coal Fire pizza. Those that have had the pleasure of having their pizza-hunger satisfied here have nothing but praise for it. They use fresh ingredients that include an in-house-made fresh dough as well as imported Italian plum tomatoes and Grande mozzarella. Allegedly, the owner, Mr Anthony, hand-picks the tomatoes himself right from the farms abroad in Italy. The selected crop is then canned and delivered to Anthony’s Pizza joint, thereby ensuring that the joints get the best quality sauce. Mr Anthony’s joints are located all over Central Florida hence accessible to visitors.

Pizza Bruno…

Pizza Bruno is a unique joint that specializes with the Neapolitan-style pizza. Their main ingredient is a standard dough that is fermented for about 48 hours then cooked in a wooden oven for 90 seconds in scorching temperatures of about 1000 degrees. The resulting pie gains a sweet wood fire flavour in addition to being spotted. This joint is, however, not located in any tourist district hence entails driving in search of this joint, but it is worth the drive.


For the brick oven-style pizza lovers looking to get high-quality slices, this is the ultimate place. The joints are all over the town, including in the villages. Flippers pizza joint was born of an exciting story. It is alleged that it was formed in 1987 by three friends who had just finished college and were out on an epic pizza hunt. However, they were disappointed because what they found was either overpriced or cheaply delivered. Therefore, the trio set out to establish their pizza joint to fix the existing pizza problem. Currently, they have about 15 outlets all over the town.

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