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Guide On Cabana Bay Beach Resort Rooms And Family Suites

Guide on Cabana Bay Beach Resort Rooms and Family Suites

Looking for more information on the Cabana Bay Beach Resort Rooms and family suites? well we have you covered!

Cabana Bay hotel is designed in a retro style that takes you back to the 1950s. They’re spacious and comfortable, and they come with all the amenities you need for a relaxing stay.

In this guide, we discuss the amenities you get in this prime hotel and a description of the various options available.

Rooms Types Available at the Resort

Cabana Bay offers 3 room types:

  • Standard Rooms
  • Family Suites
  • Two-bedroom suites

Standard Rooms

These are 300 square feet rooms that make the most affordable option and can accommodate up to four people. With a poolside upgrade, you get a great view of the lush landscaping and instant access to the pools. With a Volcano upgrade, you get stunning sceneries of the waters. The estimated inventory is 500.

Family Suites

Family Suites (430 square feet) are larger and can accommodate up to six people. Like the standard rooms, you can upgrade and have your way into the pools directly and also get to enjoy great views. The estimated inventory for family suites is 400.

Two-bedroom suites

The two-bedroom suites (772 square feet) are the most luxurious option and can accommodate up to eight people. There are only 20 of these suites available, so you need to book early in order to get one. Guests who book a suite overlooking the Volcano water park can enjoy a more immersive experience.

In-Room Amenities

Below are the in-room amenities in various accommodation types available at the beach resort.

Standard rooms

  • A small dining table and 2 chairs
  • 2 queen-sized beds in the room
  • Four single-use plastic glasses
  • One telephone
  • Cuisinart coffee brewer
  • High-speed wireless internet available for free
  • Hairdryer mounted on the wall
  • One 40 inches TV
  • HVAC controls
  • Iron and ironing board
  • A safe
  • A pair of disposable cups for coffee lovers
  • A small refrigerator for cooling food and drinks

Family suites

  • A partitioned living area with a sofa that doubles up as a full-size bed
  • Two 40-inch TVs
  • Two queen-size beds in the bedroom
  • Guests can set the temperature of their spaces using smart-room technology connected to HVAC controls
  • Safe large enough for laptop and camera
  • Two telephones
  • Ironing board and iron
  • High-speed wireless internet available for free

Kitchenette with the following amenities:

  • Mini refrigerator
  • Electrical outlets, phone jack, and data port
  • A pack of disposable cups for coffee lovers (4)
  • Bar counter with 2 stools
  • Small sink
  • A plastic ice bucket
  • Six plastic glasses
  • Cuisinart double coffee brewer
  • Flatware individually wrapped in plastic
  • Bar with a charging station
  • Wired internet at the bar
  • Microwave

A 4-fixture bathroom with 3 compartments and a wall-mounted hair dryer. Each of the compartments offers the following amenities:

  • Compartment 1: Tub and shower combo, clothesline, and vanity sink
  • Compartment 2: Vanity and Sink
  • Compartment 3: The toilet

Two bedroom suites

With these suites, you get everything included in the family package plus an extra bedroom with a 40-inch TV.

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