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Dairy Free Universal Orlando | Dairy Free Snacks At Universal Orlando

Eating Dairy Free Universal Orlando

If you are looking for Dairy Free Options at Universal Orlando keep reading as we have you covered!

Sometimes a trip becomes challenging when there are food limitations. Many theme parks have started factoring in such limitations by providing ideal food for those who have dietary needs. Those who have problems with dairy products or foods can eat the following Dairy Free Snacks at Universal Orlando… 

Dairy Free Butterbeer…

Most people wonder whether a butterbeer is dairy-free. It isn’t. At least not entirely. When the drink is fairy free, the topping is not. Since butterbeer cannot be served without the topping at Universal studios, you have to avoid the drink altogether if you have problems with dairy.

Dairy Free Desserts…

Children who have food allergies are bound to have a difficult time finding something suitable at Universal studios. However, you can find dairy-free products in some places within the studio. For instance, you can find dairy-free ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s and dairy-free dole whip at Schwarb’s pharmacy. Fruits can also be found in different locations of the park. These products are available in various flavours, ensuring that people with different tastes and preferences can easily get a taste of everything dairy-free Universal Studios Orlando has to offer.

Universal studios uniquely handle allergies. You only have to inform them about any food limitations you have especially when you go to CityWalk. They have extensive knowledge and will give you several options. Some of the best places include Margaritaville that has a specific gluten-free fryer, the three broomsticks that have the best-roasted chicken platter and Mythos that gives you many adventurers options.

There are many dairy-free snack options in Universal Studios. Fruits and chips are some of the easily accessible snacks. Some places to go to for snacks include Starbucks that has some of the healthiest snack options, Auntie Ann’s that provides the best vegan pretzels and popcorn which serves the best popcorn that has dairy-free butter topping.

With these tips, finding something great to eat at the theme park should be easier. Just make sure you get the current menu as they keep changing. You should also remember to double-check your order to ensure it is dairy-free.

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