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Disney Disability Pass | Who Qualifies For A Disney Disability Pass?

What is a Disney Disability Pass?

In order to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for people of many different needs, Disney parks provide a tool at the Walt Disney World parks called the “Disability Access Service”. This should enhance the experience for guests attending with disabilities.

It should be noted that those whose’ disabilities require them to use a scooter or wheelchair do NOT need to apply for a DAS.

Who is the Disney Disability Pass Suitable for? 

The DAS is a system developed to help those who may have difficulties with the conventional queueing system. The most common arrangements is to allow guests to enter a virtual queue and given a “return time”. This time is decided by how long the current queue time is. Meaning that instead of queueing in the queue, you are free to enjoy all the other parks offerings. You can grab a bite to eat, meet some characters or you may even have time to go to an attraction with a short queue!

You shouldn’t stress if you can’t get to the attraction for the return time as it is valid until the park closes that day. Be warned though, you can only have one return time active at a time so you must redeem your current return time because claiming one for another attraction.

What if the Disney Disability Pass doesn’t sound suitable for your needs?

DAS may not actually be appropriate for all guests with disabilities. Walt Disney World realise this and will work with guests on an individual basis as they understand everyone has varying needs.

One limitation of certain disabilities that the DAS is can often not be suitable for is those where the disability limits the amount of time the guest is able to spend in a park each day. Another is when a guests disabilities which types of attractions they can go on.

It is unfortunate that accommodations can not be decided in advance of a guests visit to Walt Disney World. Accommodations must be made in person at Guest Relations.

How to get a Disney Disability Pass

Here is a step by step guide as to how the entire DAS process works

1. Go to Walt Disney World

Make your way to Walt Disney World! It is not essential to bring any documentation to get the DAS however for peace of mind you could bring copies of diagnosis letters, doctor’s letters, benefit entitlement letters.

2. Go to a Guest Relations Location

Upon arrival at the parks, you will need to visit Guest Relations to arrange your DAS. These are located in each of the four parks.

Guest Relations Locations :

Magic Kingdom – City Hall
Epcot – Guest Relations Lobby (Near Spaceship Earth)
Hollywood Studios – Guest Relations Lobby (Near turnstiles)
Animal Kingdom – Guest Relations Lobby (Near main entrance)

3. Tell them your needs

A cast member will talk to you about your specific needs to decide whether DAS or any other accommodations will be of help.

If your disability is motility based (use a wheelchair or scooter) you will not need a DAS. Depending on the attraction you will wait in the standard queue or be given a return time. The DAS is for if you can not wait in the conventional queue environment.

If the accommodations are still not enough you can come back to guest relations to discuss additional needs.

4. Disney Disability Pass Registration

Either the first or a guardian will complete the registration process if DAS was granted. A photo will then be taken of either the guest or the guardian. Both the guest and guardian will then need to present their theme park tickets in order to link them to the DAS. You’ll then be asked by the cast member to review and accept their terms and conditions.

Your DAS will then be valid for 60 days or the length of your stay, whichever comes first. If you are staying in the resort longer than 60 days you will need to return to guest relations to set up a new DAS. It’s important to note that this includes annual pass holders.

5. Using the Disney Disability Pass

Your DAS is ready and you can now go into the park and enjoy the attractions! Visit a cast member at the attraction you want to go on and they will give you a return time which will be equivalent to the current wait time.

During the time until the return time you can partake in other activities and attractions around the park.

You can use them any time until the park closes that day!

You must redeem or cancel your current return time if you would like to use it with another attraction. There can never be simultaneous return times.

Your guardian can get the return time however the guardian MUST then ride with the guest.

Every member of your party using the return time must have a valid theme park ticket. Even carers must purchase a ticket.

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