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How to Apply for Handicap Parking in Orlando Florida

How To Apply For Handicap Parking In Orlando Florida

How to Apply for Handicap Parking in Orlando Florida

Looking for a guide on how to apply for a Handicap Parking Badge in Orlando? Keep Reading!

If you’re travelling to Orlando Florida from the United Kingdom with a disabled person their UK Disabled Blue Badge WILL NOT be valid for use in Florida BUT the good news is that they can apply for a temporary US Handicap Badge by following the steps below…

How to Apply for a Temporary Handicap Parking Badge in Advance (to be sent via post) 

To obtain a US Temporary Parking placard you will need to contact and inform them you wish to apply for a ‘Temporary Handicap Badge’ and they will send you a PDF form to fill in which you will need to return via email (with copies of the of the disabled persons Passport and UK Blue Badge) Upon receipt of your documents a processing fee will be assessed in the amount of $17.00 US Dollars, you will then receive an e-mail with a US telephone number where you can make payment. Once Payment has been received you will receive your Disabled Badge in the mail.

Please do not email your documents prior to 60 days before your travel date.

How to Apply for Handicap Parking in-person (after arriving in Orlando)

Visitors that will stay in the Osceola County area may make an appointment to request a disabled parking permit in person at The Osceola County Tax Collector Office…

2501 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy. in Kissimmee.

To better prepare you, the following will be required to process your application…

  • Valid parking placard/badge from your country
  • Valid passport
  • The temporary address you will use while staying in Florida
  • $15.00 in US Funds with cash or $17.50 (if paying by Debit/Credit Card)

If you will be staying in any other Florida county, please visit the following link for other county Tax Collector’s offices, for locations and hours. 

Even though website states for residents only, this includes visitors staying in the Osceola County area.

Book your Appointment here

The website will only show open appointments two weeks out.  If your arrival date isn’t until further dates, please check accordingly.

The Penalty Fine for Parking in Handicap Bay without a valid permit is $250

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