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Disney DAS Pass Guide | Who Qualifies For A DAS Pass At Disney?

Disney DAS Pass Guide

Embark on a magical adventure at Walt Disney World with your family. With 4 theme parks, water parks, rides, character greetings, shows and more, Disney World is the place where dreams for kids and even adults come true.

Disney is always committed to assisting every guest even those with disabilities have a magical experience at the park. For families with one or more members in need of assistance, the company has a program that reduces time spent queuing. It also reduces time spent walking back and forth.

That innovative program is Disability Access Service. Want to learn more about DAS and how it can make it easier for you and your family to have a great experience at Disney World?

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What is Disney DAS Pass?

The Disability Access Service is a program designed to assist guests with difficulty tolerating extended wait in a queue. Provided by Walt Disney World, the service is often extended to people with a disability. Basically, guests schedule a return time comparable to the current queue wait for the specific attraction.

When a guest receives a return time, they are free to enjoy other attractions and offerings at Disney World as they wait for their return time to arrive. Once their return time arrives, they can redeem it while also booking a return time for a different park attraction.

What you ought to know is that the Disability Access Service does not offer immediate access to any attraction. Instead, the service makes it easier for people with a disability not to spend extended time in a queue which would result in fatigue or discomfort.

How to Register for Disney DAS Pass?

There are two ways to register for Disney’s DAS Pass. The first method is pre-registration via live video chat. Basically, you’ll pre-register for DAS virtually with a cast member via live video chat. You can pre-register as soon as 30 days in advance of your theme park visit. If you’re busy, do so no less than 2 days before your visit.

During the live video chat, you’ll work with a cast member to book 2 one-hour return times for select experiences. Disney has a new planning option for DAS which allows you to make additional DAS selections on the day of your visit.

The cast member will work with guests to offer assistance and discuss any specific requests. You can choose to have a family member pre-register on your behalf. However, you must be present at the time of registration via live video chat.

Live video chat is available from 7am to 10pm Eastern time. Guests requesting a DAS Pass must be 18 years of age or older to register. If you don’t have a Disney account, you must create one before you pre-register for DAS Pass. The live video chat is screen reader friendly, especially for guests with visual disabilities. Text chat is also available for guests with hearing disabilities.

The second option is to register in person at Guest Relations. On the day of your visit, stop by the Guest Relations main entrance locations. The following are the locations of guest relations at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

As you enter Walt Disney Park, Guest Relations is directly on your left. While outside the park and facing the entrance, Guest Relations should also be on your left.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

When inside the theme park, Guest Relations should be across from the Spaceship Earth to your left. When outside the park at International Gateway, walk towards Epcot and Guest Relations should be on your left near the bathrooms.

Still outside the park, if you walk towards Epcot at the front of the park. Guest Relations will be on your right.

Magic Kingdom

Guest Relations is under the train station inside the City hall building. However, when outside the park and facing the train station, Guest Relations will be on your right.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As you enter the park, Guest Relations will be on your left. When you receive your DAS Pass, you or your parent/guardian will participate in the registration process. Remember, your DAS Pass is valid for 60 days. After this period, you’ve to register before or on the day of your visit.

What Documentation Do I Need To Get a Disney DAS Pass?

As aforementioned, you must be 18 years and over to apply for Disney’s DAS Pass. During registration, the Cast Members or Guest Relations will have your picture taken. You’ll need to process this once as the pass is valid for 60 days.

Guest Relations and Cast Members will not ask for proof of disability. However, they may inquire about the accommodations you’re requesting as a result of your disability. The Cast Members and Guest Relations are well versed in the application process for the DAS pass. So, they will be at hand to walk you through the process.

You do not need to reveal the details of your disability, nor do you need a doctor’s note to present to the Cast Members or Guest Relations. As aforementioned, they will only ask you to describe the type of accommodation needed to allow you to enjoy the magical experience. So, the more details you provide about your needs, the better they will customise the program for you.

What Disabilities Qualify For Disney DAS Pass?

With an annual attendance of more than 58 million people, Walt Disney World is one of the most visited attractions worldwide. Even people with disabilities can enjoy the magical experience by visiting the theme park thanks to Disney DAS Pass.

Due to the high number of visitors to the theme park, it’s usually crowded. So, waiting times for rides and other attractions are pretty long. For the physically and mentally fit people, waiting in the queues is very tiring. It’s even difficult for people with disabilities. So, the DAS Pass is of great help to people with disabilities.

To qualify for the DAS Pass, you must have a disability that makes your health condition worse when you wait in a long line. If your disability creates a barrier for you to wait in long queues, then you qualify for the DAS Pass.

Disabilities such as ADHD and autism spectrum also qualify for the DAS. This is because the disabilities can result in reactions when the guest stays for long among lots of people. Not only that. Waiting for a long time in a crowded line can take a toll on their health.

Lastly, mobility disability also qualifies for the DAS Pass. But if the problem can get solved with mobility devices such as a wheelchair, then you will not qualify for the DAS Pass. You only qualify for the pass if you’ve a mobility issue and other disabilities that hinder you from waiting in line for an extended period.

Can I Use My Disney Experience App to Book a DAS Pass?

Well, you cannot use the My Disney Experience app to book your DAS Pass. However, you can use the app to obtain a return time. First, you need to register in person or pre-register via live video chat.

Once you’re a DAS member, you can make return time selections from the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit. As a DAS member, you can obtain a return time for your whole party. When doing so, you must be present when it’s time to redeem the DAS return time. Return times do not expire.

To access the DAS return time self-selection tool on your app, open your My Disney Experience app and sign in. Tap the “More” option and then the Disability Access Service button. This will allow you to access the self-selection tool. If using your smartphone is not possible, you can visit Guest Relations. Alternatively, speak with a member of the Guest Experience Team.

How Do I Redeem My Experience Selection?

To redeem your selections on the day of your visit, scan your MagicBand or barcode at the entrance of the theme park attraction. All you need to do is head to the Lightning Lane Entrance. If you’re the guest with the DAS Pass, scan your MagicBand or barcode. Now everyone in your group, including the guests with the DAS Pass must enter the ride together.

Using the My Disney Experience app to make selections means less walking to attractions to get return times. Since the app makes it easy to schedule return times, planning is all in one place saving you time.

Remember, if you do not pre-register before arrival, you will not be eligible to make a DAS selection on the day of your visit. However, if you registered for the DAS Pass at guest relations, you can request a return time via the My Disney Experience app. While you wait for your return time, you can visit other attractions, dine or relax.

What Walt Disney World Attractions Accept the DAS Pass?

Officially, Walt Disney World has 52 rides. This number includes actual rides that move and not other attractions that do not move and stage shows. If you count all the shows, attractions, rides and experiences, Walt Disney World has more than 100 attractions.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is one of the attractions with the best rides in Walt Disney World. It has three of the top 10 rides at the theme park and 5 of the top 15 rides. In fact, it has 25 rides and 34 attractions making it a popular attraction. Next is Animal Kingdom, which is close to the top with 3 of the top rides at Walt Disney World.

It’s possible to ride every single ride in Walt Disney World in one day – that’s 52 rides which will take you around 18 hours. The longest ride in Walt Disney World is the Carousel of Progress which takes 20 minutes and 45 seconds.

So, what Disney attractions accept the DAS Pass? Well, all the attractions can accommodate guests with disabilities. However, before getting on a ride, guests must meet the height requirements.

Check out this list of Attractions and Entertainment at Walt Disney World.

How Does The Disney DAS Pass Work with Genie?

Disney introduced the Genie and Genie+ services which are now conveniently built into the My Disney Experience app. These services make your visit to Walt Disney World easier and more fun. Basically, it’s like having a personal genie in the palm of your hand. So, whether it’s your first time visiting Disney World or the hundredth time, the Genie and Genie+ services will guide you during your visit.

The Genie service usually creates your best Disney day inspired by your top interest. Basically, it has a personalized itinerary creation, which you can use to smartly map your Disney visit. Even when you’re eligible for activity reservations, the Disney genie will remind you.

As aforementioned, all attractions at Walt Disney World allow the use of the DAS Pass. With Disney attractions using virtual queues, you can join the queue virtually. When they call you and your group, Cast Members will direct you using DAS.

All attractions available through Genie and Genie+ are also available for DAS Advance Selections. Disney Genie will continuously update your “My Day” with the latest information. All you need to do is tap the “My Day” tab, and you’ll find plans and recommendations you’ve made. This includes activity bookings, hotel and dining reservations.

If you’ve any questions, you can chat virtually with a Cast Member. Disney introduced a new feature – Custom Tips Board. This feature allows you to see estimated wait times for your top dining, attraction and entertainment. You can request to join a virtual queue, select arrival times for the Lightning Lane entrance or check into a restaurant. For even more convenience, you’ll access all the great features of the Genie service when you purchase Disney Genie+ for $15 plus tax per person per day.

How Do I Get A Disney Stroller Tag?

If you’ve a child with a physical disability and are planning to visit Walt Disney World, it’s highly recommended that you use a stroller tag. Having a stroller tag means you can take it into the lines and up the rides. For kids who can’t walk long distances or stand for an extended period, a stroller tag can ensure they have a magical experience at the theme park.

Guest Relations can provide you with a red stroller tag for your stroller which will allow you to bring it directly to the loading area. Once you have this pass, your child can stay in the stroller until you reach the loading area.

We recommend arriving early in the morning to set up your DAS and grab a stroller tag. If you do so, you might catch the end of the Let The Magic Begin welcome show before the theme park opens for the day.

More DAS Pass FAQs

What is DAS Advance?

DAS Advance is an enhanced feature of the DAS program which enables guests to book up to 2 days Advance selection for each day of your visit. If a selection is available, guests will receive a one-hour period during the day of their visit to redeem their selection.

Is DAS Issued at Disney World Valid at Other Disney Theme Parks?

The DAS Pass is only valid at the theme park it was issued. For example, a DAS issued at Walt Disney World is not valid at the Disneyland Resort.

How Many Guests in One Party Is Usually Covered Under DAS?

The maximum number of people per group covered under DAS is six guests. If you have any special requirements or concerns, get in touch with Guest Relations.

How Do I Get More Return Times?

You can schedule more return times on your My Disney Experience app or do so in person at Guest Relations. If you need assistance, you can obtain return times directly from any Guest Relations, a Cast Member or Guest Experience Team location.

What Can I Do During My DAS Virtual Wait?

During a DAS virtual wait, you can experience many other attractions throughout Disney World. They include shows, parades, concerts, character greetings and other rides. You can also choose to dine at a restaurant or take a rest.

The guest utilizing DAS doesn’t have to be present to obtain a return time at Guest Relations or an attraction. Another member of his or her travel party can obtain the return time.

Does the DAS Pass Holder Have to Board the Attraction With His or Her Party Members?

Yes, the DAS Pass holder can enter attractions with his or her party members. However, since DAS return times are usually not limited to a specific window, the holder doesn’t have to ride at the exact return time with his or her party. The return time is usually valid until the park closes.

Can a DAS Holder Have More Than One Active Return Time at One Moment?

A DAS holder can have one return time at a time. As soon as the DAS holder redeems a return time, they can obtain another return time for the same or a different attraction. With DAS Advance, you can have both return times and advance selections active at the same time.

Can I Cancel or Modify a Return Time?

Yes, you can cancel or modify a return time from the My Disney Experience app. Any member of your party can also modify or cancel an active reservation.

Is DAS the Only Program Available to People With Disabilities?

Disney World has many programs and services for guests with disabilities. They include the Disney Handheld device that provides an audio description and assistive listening. Disney also offers Guide For Guests With Cognitive Disabilities. This service contains tools and tips to enhance the park’s experience for guests. If you’ve any questions or need assistance because of a disability, visit Disney’s Guest Relations.

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