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The Best Downtown Orlando Hotels For All Budgets

The Best Downtown Orlando Hotels for all Budgets

Want to know more about Downtown Orlando Hotels? We have you covered in this guide.

Orlando is home to several landmarks and theme parks that make it appealing to visit. The people and culture of Orlando are also quite amazing and there are several fun activities to engage in while staying there. Now, to fully enjoy everything that makes Orlando so great, you need to be at the centre of the action. Here is a list of some amazing hotels located in downtown Orlando that will make your visiting experience that much more interesting.

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando Hotel, Grande Lakes

downtown Orlando hotels

Ever heard of those massive luxuries hotels that you could just enjoy a full vacation and not even leave the premises? The Ritz-Carlton Orlando sits on a 500 acres plot of land offers exactly that. The property has 11 restaurants which incredibly source their food from on-site chicken coops, gardens, and apiaries. While staying at the hotel you could engage in several fun activities such as kayak tours, mountain bike rides, fishing excursions, falconry classes, and nature walks in the morning.

Hyatt Regency Orlando

downtown Orlando hotels

This hotel has great panoramic views of Orlando city since it is the second tallest infrastructure in the area. Hyatt Regency Orlando has over 1600 rooms with an on-site car rental service that comes in handy when you want to explore downtown Orlando. The hotel includes a rooftop tennis court, two pools, spa, and seven restaurants to make your experience more interesting.

The Point Orlando

downtown Orlando hotels

It is commonly referred to as a boutique hotel due to the many unique amenities that are offered in the suites and studios. The Point Orlando has in-room Jacuzzi bathtubs and gel-infused mattresses to make your experience unforgettable. There is also an outdoor pool which offers food and drinks thereby making it much more relaxing and interesting. While staying at the hotel you also get access to a daily shuttle to take you on tours around the city showing local attractions.

Floridays Resort Orlando

downtown Orlando hotels

This hotel is considered great for family vacations since it offers two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites with complete kitchens. When visiting as a family, you may end up bringing your pets and Floridays Resort Orlando has absolutely no problem with that. The main pool includes an adult bar and playscape area for the young ones. There is also a free shuttle provided to take you and your family to local attractions every morning.

Crowne Plaza Orlando Downtown

When visiting Orlando but you want to get some work done, then this is the hotel to consider. It includes a plaza workspace to enable you increase productivity and meeting spaces for business transactions. Crowne Plaza Orlando also has private work stations which allow you to work with minimal disturbances, and you only need to order refreshments using the tablets they provide. At the end of a tiresome workday, you could always go down to the wine bar to relax.

Hilton Orlando

Hilton Orlando includes several amenities such as rentable workspace to increase productivity. However, this resort also includes a waterslide, pool with cabanas, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and bocce. There are also pure Allergy-friendly rooms to make your stay more comfortable.

Grand Bohemian Hotel

The Grand Bohemian hotel is ideally for the art lovers who will have a great time looking through the hotel’s art gallery and Italian mosaics all over the lobby. The Bosendorfer Lounge features live music every night and houses the rare (there are only two in the world) Grand Bosendorfer Piano.

Aloft Orlando Downtown

This stylish hotel is just a walk distance from the famous City Hall, two stadiums, and major meeting centres. It includes an outdoor lounge, hotel bar, and pool to make your stay more interesting. It is a good place to stay while on work trips due to its business centre.


Orlando is such a great city to visit and there are a lot of activities that you could always engage in day and night.

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