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Your Guide to the Fun Spot America Locations in Orlando for 2024

Your Guide To The Fun Spot America Locations In Orlando For 2024

Your Guide to the Fun Spot America Locations in Orlando

When talking theme parks, Orlando often stands tall.

Beyond the famed enchantments of the Walt Disney World Resort and the spectacles at Universal Orlando Resort, the city boasts another gem: Fun Spot America.

This guide delves deep into the heart of Fun Spot’s Orlando locations, offering a lowdown on rides, retro spaces, and unbeatable fun.

What is Fun Spot America?

Tucked right within Orlando’s bustling amusement landscape, Fun Spot America makes its mark with two central locations.

The cherry on top? Unlike many other Orlando theme parks, Fun Spot offers free admission, charging guests only for the rides they choose.

This system strikes a chord with families, adrenaline junkies, and anyone looking for genuine fun.

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The Orlando Fun Spot America Locations

1. Fun Spot America – Orlando

Address: 5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819

A stone’s throw from International Drive, this hotspot brings everyone a tad closer to Orlando’s vibrant core. The White Lightning stands tall here, vying for attention as Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster.

But there’s more: the SkyCoaster offers daredevils a riveting aerial view of Orlando, making it a must-try for the brave-hearted.

2. Fun Spot America – Kissimmee

Address: 2850 Florida Plaza Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Hovering close to Walt Disney World Resort, this branch sprawls larger and offers its own thrills.

With the title of the world’s tallest SkyCoaster in its repertoire, this location doesn’t shy away from heart-stopping attractions.

Once the day winds down, the twinkling world of Disney is just around the corner, promising more magic.

Fun Spot America Attractions

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Wooden Roller Coaster:

Orlando’s solo wooden roller coaster, particularly the White Lightning, promises a surge of adrenaline.

Amidst the modern, technologically advanced rides peppering Orlando’s park landscape, this coaster offers a classic, unfiltered experience, resonating with both the young and adults alike.

Go Kart Tracks:

Spanning across its locations, Fun Spot’s go kart tracks are the stuff of legends. The intricate design of its multi level go kart circuits challenges even the most experienced.

However, beginners and little ones aren’t left out. They have dedicated tracks, ensuring fun for all ages.

Retro Inspired Photo Spots:

In this digital age, memories are often captured in pixels.

Fun Spot’s retro inspired photo spots are perfect corners to click, offering a vintage feel in a contemporary setting.

Arcade Galore:

Venture into Fun Spot America’s lively arcade universe. With a blend of cutting-edge video games and ageless pinball wonders, there’s a game for everyone.

From digital challenges to old-school bumper cars fun, the arcade is a haven for gamers.

Planning your Visit to Fun Spot America

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Timing is Everything:

Visiting during the summer is a spectacle. With huge fireworks lighting up the night, it becomes a mesmerising experience. However, remember it’s also peak time, drawing in families and tourists galore.

Feeding the Adventure:

Engaging in all those rides can work up an appetite. Luckily, Fun Spot is ready with a myriad of food choices to satiate every hunger pang.

Stay Informed:

Always glance over the park hours prior to your trip. Unlike other round-the-clock parks in Orlando, Fun Spot America has its unique operating timings.

Final Thoughts

Fun Spot America in Orlando remains an amusement paradise, nestled amidst the city’s grander theme park giants.

Combining the thrill of modern rides with the charm of yesteryear, it ensures every visitor leaves with a smile and a truckload of memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about the Fun Spot America Locations in Kissimmee.

What is the difference between Fun Spot Orlando and Kissimmee?

Fun Spot Orlando is located near International Drive and is at the heart of Orlando’s bustling activity. It features the renowned White Lightning, the city’s sole wooden roller coaster.

On the other hand, Fun Spot Kissimmee is closer to the Walt Disney World Resort and boasts the title of having the world’s tallest SkyCoaster.

While both locations offer unique attractions, their proximity to other popular sites in Orlando differs, which can influence a visitor’s choice.

How much does it cost to enter Fun Spot America?

One of the standout features of Fun Spot America, both in Orlando and Kissimmee, is its free admission. Visitors only pay for the rides and attractions they choose, making it a budget-friendly option for families and individuals.

Are there dining options available within the parks?

Yes, both Fun Spot locations in Orlando offer a variety of food options. From quick snacks to hearty meals, there’s something to satisfy every palate and hunger level.

Is Fun Spot America suitable for young children?

Absolutely! Fun Spot America has attractions that cater to all age groups. From family-friendly rides for the little ones to adrenaline-pumping attractions for thrill-seekers, it ensures that everyone has a memorable time.

How does Fun Spot America compare to other theme parks in Orlando?

Fun Spot America offers a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere compared to the larger Orlando theme parks.

While it doesn’t have the vast expanse of a Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort, it provides a unique blend of classic amusement rides and modern attractions, all without the hefty entrance fee.

Are there any special events or shows at Fun Spot America?

Yes, especially during the summer months, visitors can witness a spectacular huge fireworks show, lighting up the Orlando skies.

Additionally, seasonal events and promotions are held throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to check their official site or call ahead.

How long should I plan for a visit to Fun Spot America?

While the duration can vary based on personal preferences, on average, visitors spend 3-6 hours at Fun Spot America. This allows enough time to enjoy several rides, grab a bite, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

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