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Will my GHD Straighteners work in the USA?

Will My GHD Straighteners Work In The USA?

Will my GHD Straighteners work in the USA?

Are you heading on holiday to the USA and want to know if your GHD Straighteners will work? keep reading!

Which GHD Straighteners Work in the USA?

  • Mk 4 (Mk IV),
  • Mk5 (Gold Series),
  • Mk6 (Eclipse) Mk7 (Platinum)

If you own one of the above models, they are designed to work at both 230V (UK Voltage) and 110V (US Voltage)

Which GHD Straighteners Don’t Work in the USA?

Mk3 models are not universal and are only designed to work at 230V.

What if I don’t know my GHD Model Number?

If the sticker on your GHD Device shows 2 different voltages they should work, if they only show one voltage they won’t.

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