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How Far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

How Far Is Universal Studios From Orlando Airport?

How Far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

Planning your next big holiday to the world-renowned Universal Studios Orlando? Knowing the exact distance from Orlando International Airport, the closest airport to Universal Studios Florida, becomes a key consideration for an effortless journey. So, how far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

Located in sunny Florida, the travel from Orlando Airport to Universal Orlando Resort typically spans approximately 16-18 miles (25-29 kilometers). Depending on the route you take and the traffic, you could be looking at a journey time ranging from a cool 20 to 30 minutes under light traffic conditions to up to an hour amidst heavy traffic.

However, bear in mind, the exact distance can vary slightly based on your specific Universal hotel destination within the Universal Orlando Resort. Planning can make your journey from MCO Airport to Universal Studios Orlando seamless and stress-free.

How Far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

Assessing the Distance and Transport Options

For visitors embarking on the memorable journey from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios, understanding the local layout and transit options is vital. It not only gives you an edge in efficiently navigating central Florida but also aids you in choosing the best mode of transportation tailored to your needs.

Understanding the Layout of Central Florida

Central Florida is home to a diverse range of attractions, with Universal Studios Florida standing as a popular favourite amongst tourists. Situated amidst the bustling areas of Universal Boulevard and International Drive, this spectacular entertainment hub is easily accessible via a myriad of transport options.

Choosing Your Mode of Transportation

As you plan your thrilling visit to Universal Studios, selecting the right mode of transportation is key. Several convenient options are available to whisk you away from the airport, including taxis, rental cars, Universal’s Superstar Shuttle, and varied other ground transportation services available at MCO.

How Far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

Rental Car Versus Taxi Fare: Pros and Cons

An important factor to consider is the comparison between opting for a rental car or a taxi. Having a rental car at your disposal offers the freedom of personal mobility to explore the surroundings at your own pace, away from the constraints of taxi fare and toll fees. Furthermore, several car rental agencies, conveniently located at the Orlando airport’s ground transportation level, have diverse offerings catering to varied needs – from suitable vehicle sizes to car seats for family travel.

Public Transport: Lynx Bus and Shared Shuttle Services

If you are seeking the most economical way to journey from the airport to the Universal hotel of your choice, the Lynx bus service might be a viable option. Alternatively, shared shuttle services present a balanced blend of cost and convenience for those wishing to avoid navigating Orlando’s bustling traffic. However, it is vital to be privy to the correct locations and instructions for shuttle departure sites to avoid any potential confusion or delay.

How Far is Universal Studios from Orlando Airport?

Popular Attractions En Route to Universal Studios

On your journey from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios Orlando, you can look forward to the anticipation of passing by a number of fascinating attractions that may enrich your Universal Orlando vacation experience or spark your interest for subsequent explorations.

Among these attractions, Florida Mall stands out. As one of the largest shopping venues in central Florida, it’s conveniently situated not too far off the path between the airport and Universal Studios. The mall boasts an enticing array of shops and dining options for travellers to explore.

Whilst not directly on your route, delight in the proximity of Disney World to your travel pathway. This world-renowned theme park is often an escapist dream that seamlessly complements any Universal Orlando vacation.

Another worthy mention is the famed International Drive. As you traverse this bustling area, you’ll encounter an impressive assortment of attractions, exceptional restaurants, and unique shops. International Drive is a significant component of the quintessential Orlando experience and a must-visit destination on your Universal Orlando vacation.

If you’re considering an extended stay, complementing your trip to Universal Orlando with these fascinating attractions can vastly enhance your overall vacational experience. It presents a fantastic opportunity to revel in the diversity of Orlando’s thriving tourist hub, thus making your Universal Studios Orlando journey extra special.


Planning your journey from the Orlando airport to Universal Studio makes for a significantly smoother transit. From the moment you land at MCO to the thrill of stepping through the gates of Universal Orlando Resort, a well-thought-out plan can ensure that your adventure starts off with minimal hassles and maximum excitement.


How far is Universal Studios from Orlando International Airport?

Universal Studios is approximately 16-18 miles (25-29 kilometers) away from Orlando International Airport (MCO). The journey time can vary from 20 to 30 minutes in light traffic, up to an hour in heavy traffic conditions. However, the exact distance and travel time can slightly differ based on the specific Universal hotel within the Universal Orlando Resort you are heading to.

What are my transport options from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios?

There are several transport options you can consider for your travel from the airport to Universal Studios. These include rental cars, taxis, Universal’s Superstar Shuttle, and other ground transportation services available at MCO. Travellers can also consider public transport such as the Lynx bus service or shared shuttle services.

Is it better to rent a car or take a taxi from MCO to Universal Studios?

The answer highly depends on your personal needs and interests. A rental car offers the freedom of personal mobility and can cater to specific family needs like car seats, which would be useful during your stay in Florida. However, it’s important to factor in the potential taxi fare and toll fees. Check the various options of rental car agencies located at Orlando airport’s ground transportation level for the most suitable options.

What attractions can we visit during the journey from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios?

On your journey from the airport to Universal Studios, you will pass several popular attractions, including The Florida Mall – one of the largest shopping venues in Central Florida. While not directly en route, visitors will also be in close proximity to Disney World and International Drive, a hotspot for restaurants, shops and various attractions.

How can I ensure a smooth journey from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios?

Planning your journey in advance is advisable for efficient travel from Orlando Airport to Universal. Check schedules of free shuttles provided by Universal hotels, understand the operating hours of the Universal’s Superstar Shuttle, and compare the convenience and cost of various transport options such as car rentals, rideshare services or airport transfer companies.

How can I maximise the enjoyment of my Universal Orlando vacation?

To maximise the enjoyment of your Universal vacation, familiarise yourself with the timings for shuttle departures, parking garages, and any additional fees that might apply, like toll fees or higher taxi fares during rush hour. Also, consider the perks of staying on site at Universal Orlando Resort, which can include early theme park admission and convenient, often complimentary, transport to the parks.

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