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How to Book Savi’s Workshop Disney World?

How To Book Savi’s Workshop Disney World?

How to Book Savi’s Workshop Disney World?

Immersing yourself into the timeless realm of Star Wars has never been more tangible and exciting than through Savi’s Workshop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This extraordinary experience allows you to create and customise your own unique lightsaber under the guidance of a skilled gatherer. However, due to the immense popularity of this experience, acquiring a reservation for Savi’s Workshop can be quite a challenge.

Whether you’re planning weeks in advance or hoping for a last-minute opportunity, our guide outlines the steps to book Savi’s Workshop at Disney World.

We delve into how to effectively navigate and reserve your spot through the Disney website or via the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Discover the Magic of Savi’s Workshop

Savi’s Workshop is not just a place, it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Star Wars enthusiasts gather here under the guidance of knowledgeable Master Gatherers, to dream, design, and construct their very own lightsabers.

Set amidst the narrative-rich environment of Galaxy’s Edge, this place thrives on the passion and creativity of its participants, making the experience truly enchanting.

Why Reservations Are Essential for the Ultimate Lightsaber Experience

Because of its unique appeal and limited capacity, spots at Savi’s Workshop are highly coveted. Walk-in opportunities are scarce and not guaranteed, making a reservation a necessary step to secure your spot at Savi’s Workshop in Disney World.

Those who plan well in advance tend to have the greatest success. Savi’s Workshop booking tips suggest reserving your place exactly at 6am EST, sixty days prior to your visit. The early bird, after all, gets the lightsaber!

The booking process is not limited to those intending to craft their own lightsabers. Guests accompanying the participants can also enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of Savi’s Workshop.

How to Book Savi’s Workshop Disney World

If you’re a Star Wars fan visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the opportunity to assemble your very own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

The process to reserve Savi’s Workshop Disney World involves several steps that we’re going to guide you through.

This unique experience is extremely popular, so keep in mind that bookings can sometimes sell out within minutes after they are released online.

Reserving Your Spot Online or Via App

You can book your visit to Savi’s Workshop via the official Disney World website or by using the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Do take note that the booking process for Savi’s Workshop Disney World opens exactly 60 days in advance. A credit card will be needed for securing your reservation.

Booking Strategies for Savi’s Workshop

Given the popularity of Savi’s Workshop, we recommend you to be ready at your computer or mobile device prior to the booking window opening.

Setting an alarm to remind you of the reservation opening time would be an excellent idea. Don’t be disheartened if you are not successful at first attempt. Keep trying on the booking platform as slots often open up throughout the day.

Tips for Last-Minute Reservations

Although securing a spot online is the most effective method, if by chance you find yourself at the park without a reservation, you can try walking up to the workshop directly.

While not guaranteed, there may occasionally be walk-up slots available due to last-minute cancellations, satisfying hopeful enthusiasts who have been refreshing the reservation page, on the look-out for potential cancellations.


How do I book Savi’s Workshop at Disney World?

Reservations for Savi’s Workshop can be made either online via the Disney World official website or through the My Disney Experience mobile app. These reservations can be made from 60 days in advance. A valid credit card will be required to make the reservation.

What are some tips for booking Savi’s Workshop?

To secure a spot at Savi’s Workshop, it’s advised to reserve as early as possible, precisely at 6am EST, 60 days prior to your visit. Be prepared and punctual, setting alarms for the reservation time can aid this. If initial attempts are unsuccessful, keep refreshing the reservation page to possibly grab a last-minute cancellation.

How do I secure a last-minute reservation for Savi’s Workshop?

Although it’s challenging, securing a last-minute reservation for Savi’s Workshop isn’t impossible. Keep checking the reservation page on the app or website for any cancellations. However, don’t rely solely on this – your best chance is to book well in advance.

Do I need a reservation to build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop?

Yes, reservations are required for the Savi’s Workshop lightsaber building experience due to its popularity. Walk-in opportunities exist but are rare and not guaranteed.

What is included in the Savi’s Workshop experience?

The Savi’s Workshop experience includes the chance to build your own lightsaber under the guidance of a Master Gatherer. For $249.99 plus tax, you receive the lightsaber, a carrying case, and the experience of building in the immersive setting of Galaxy’s Edge. One lightsaber can be built per builder.

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