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Guide To Jurassic World VelociCoaster At Universal’s Islands Of Adventure

Guide to Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a popular theme park within the United States. This fun filled tourist attraction features the highly rated action and adventure rollercoaster known as the VelociCoaster. This rollercoaster ride is considered the fastest in the world. When you plan out your next holiday visit to the states, you should definitely plan on experiencing the VelociCoaster for yourself.

What is the Jurassic World VelociCoaster?

The VelociCoaster is a rollercoaster that was inspired by the Jurassic Park franchises. The coaster is based on the latest Jurassic World franchises featuring Chris Pratt and Brice Dallas Howard. The name, VelociCoaster, is derived velocity (meaning fast) and coaster (which is a shortened form of rollercoaster). The coaster is supposed to be based on the Latin word velociraptor which is one of the fastest and deadliest predators during the Jurassic period. In the Jurassic World films the velociraptors were the anti-heroes.

The velociraptors weren’t necessarily the good guys but they ultimately helped to bring down the true threat which were the Tyrannasaurus Rex and the other bad dinos. Why does knowing the history of the name matter? Well, the name is important because it reveals the nature of this rollercoaster. This coaster moves fast and it has curves, twists, and changeups that will blow your mind. The VelociCoaster behaves like the velociraptor. It’s a safe and fun coaster ride but it can suddenly change into a nightmarish beast; that will throw you into a blue funk.

What you must know about the VelociCoaster Experience

The VelociCoaster has also been designed to take you through the fictional world of Jurassic Park. In the film series, Jurassic World was a huge and very popular theme park attraction. It was considered the best in the world that featured lots of rides, restaurants, entertainment shows, hotels, and dinosaurs. Guess what? The Jurassic Park area has been set up in the same way. So, when you take a spin on the VeloiCoaster you’re going to get the “Jurassic World” experience. What this means is that you are going to be visited by various cast members from the film. Brice Dallas Howard’s character (Claire) will be on a large monitor informing you about the ride and the possibility of roaming raptors. Hold on, because Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is going to warn you against the dangers of roaming raptors while you’re taking this ride. This part of the ride is like actually being in the movie.

There are so many other different characters and personnel from the films; you might believe other people are watching you on the big screen!

VelociCoaster Height Requirements

You must be at least 51 inches (4-feet 3-inches) tall to get on the ride. If you’re shorter than this, you will be rejected. This ride is not suited for kids.

VelociCoaster Queue Experience

When you enter the VelociCoaster ride area you’ll be able to go inside of an air-conditioned building to board the vehicle. As you move your way to the coaster, you’ll notice lots of neon lights and 4 velociraptor statues that will reveal what the ride is all about.

But, as you make your way to the ride, you’re going to quickly notice a huge screen that will show you a real time image of a departing VelociCoaster. As the VelociCoaster takes off, you’ll immediately see a pack of wild and hungry velociraptors hot on its tail. These creatures will move with fury and an insatiable lust to hunt, that they will almost seem real. Then you will enter an area where Dr. Wu (he was the scientist that created the deadly velociraptors in the films) will give you a safety briefing about the ride. Once the briefing is over, you will, the be directed to the stable where you’re going to see caged and muzzled velociraptors in the same room as you. This is all we’re going to say about that because we don’t want to give anything else away.

Once you make your way from the stable, you’ll be ready to board the VelociCoaster. You will place your belongings in a two-way locker that opens from both ends. You will put your belongings on one side of the locker before you board the vehicle. Once your ride is over, you will retrieve your items from the other side of the locker. After you leave the locker area, the ride attendees will direct you to your seats at the loading station. Once your secured into the vehicle the real fun will begin. Just keep in mind that the seats and coaster is very secure and uses high advance technology to keep people save, secure, and snug while they’re in the ride.

Facts about the VelociCoaster

The technical aspects of this ride won’t be stated here. You probably wouldn’t understand them anyway. However, what you do need to know is that the ride is that it provides a lot of action, speed, and thrills. You’re going to get your money’s worth from this amazing dino-styled attraction.

Now, don’t forget that the ride is normally available between 8am – 10pm. The hours of operation might vary so, you will need to check them every day. You should also know that an express line might not be available for pass holders. Once again, check with park officials to figure out if they are being accepted on a particular day.

The busiest times of the day to ride the VelociCoaster is between 10am – 2pm. and then between 4pm – 7pm. Once you’re in line, it’s advisable for you to stay put if you don’t want to waist your time. The lines can be long, and some people have been known to wait hours because of the ride’s popularity.

Keep in mind that you might be able to get into the park on days where they allow early admission. However, this is not always guaranteed. Once again, you will have to check with park officials to find out if early admission is possible. If you can get into the park early; make your way over to the VelociCoaster so you can experience this amazing ride before the crowds arrive.

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