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Tips For Taking A Baby To Walt Disney World

Tips for Bringing a Baby to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a place of magic and fun for the entire family. But, some parents may have a hard time envisioning the fun part when they travel with babies. Although it may seem overwhelming with the large crowds and busy nature of the entire place, it is possible to navigate Walt Disney World chaos-free with the entire family. First consider the near 10 Hour Flight, if it is your infant’s first time flying, you will want to pack more than one dummy for them to suck on, as well as noise cancelling headphones designed for babies. As airplanes ascend and descend, a lot of pressure can build in the little one’s ears, which can cause them to cry. Before leaving on holiday, it may be best to speak with a paediatrician to see if they recommend the infant taking paracetamol to prevent any ear pain.


Pushchairs are nice while walking around town or the market, but in Walt Disney World they are not so convenient. In fact, most ride lines will not allow pushchairs. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in a wrap carrier to hold your baby in. This way, your baby is comfortable, you have your arms free to shop or eat, and you don’t have to push your pushchair through large crowds of people. If you feel the need to have a pushchair bring one from home or buy from a Supermarket when you arrive in Orlando as Pushchairs are extremely expensive to hire at the Parks.

  • The Daily rates to hire a pushchair at Disneyworld are as follow…
  • Single Pushchair – $15 per day (or $13 per day if booked for your entire stay)
  • Double Pushchair – $31 per day (or $27 per day if booked for your entire stay)

Very pricey when you can buy pushchairs at the low cost of $26.88 at Wallmart (So definitely plan your pushchair needs in advance).

Arrive Early…

Don’t show up at Disney World late in the afternoon, as this is when it experiences a high volume of visitors. Instead, show up at opening and enjoy the calm before the storm; we think your baby will thank you too. Plus, getting out there early to enjoy the fun is a great way to avoid afternoon meltdowns in the beaming sun.

Rides for Babies at Disney World

Any rides where there are no restrictions for height, your baby is more than welcome to ride on it with you. Just remember to always keep the baby tightly strapped in on you or in the seat of the ride.

Baby Centres

There is nothing worse than trying to find a place to feed or change your baby. Luckily, Disney World proudly offers a Baby Care Centre where mothers or fathers can go to feed or change dirty nappies, rest, or visit the store inside that is jam-packed full of all the necessities like snacks and toiletry items. Even if you just need a moment’s rest because of the craziness of Disney World (it can be overwhelming for some people), find the centre to take a quick relaxation break.

Have a map

Don’t start navigating the park without a map of it first. Be sure to locate all Baby Care Centres, Toilets, and eating places. Maps are always complimentary!

Pace Yourself

Yes, you heard that right. Travelling with little infants is hard, but when they are sleepy it is even harder! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get so much done during each day. In fact, sometimes it is best to visit Walt Disney World with no true game plan at all! If your infant starts to cry and needs a break, take a break – you could probably use one yourself. Never feel guilty for going back to the hotel room to let you and your baby rest.

Rider-Swap at Disney World

This is a great way to participate in the rides with an infant. If you are travelling with another person such as a spouse or parent, you can take turns on the ride. For example, the mother can ride while the dad and infant wait in line (their spot will not be taken), and when the mother gets back, the dad can hop on. There are Disney workers always around to make this program run smoothly.

Capture the moments

Just because your infant is too young to remember the holiday, it does not mean you can’t make memories for them to see when they are older. How adorable will it be for them to look back on pictures with Mickey or on a ride with you – pictures are memories captured in time. They will appreciate you taking them to Disney World, even if they don’t remember anything. You may even want to consider purchasing a toy for them as a keepsake memory.

Don’t miss out on the fun at the resort

Don’t forget to soak up the fun at the resort you are staying at. Disney Resort has so many enjoyable activities for infants. For example, pretty walking paths, pools, playgrounds, and unique restaurants to dine in. There is stuff everywhere for your infant!

Final Thoughts

Travelling to Disney World with an infant can be an enjoyable and memorable experience to treasure for a lifetime; all it takes is a little planning and some patience. Don’t let your child’s age convince you they are too young for Walt Disney World – there is something for every age! With these helpful tips in mind, you can be on your way to ultimate family fun.

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