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Ultimate Guide To Disney World MagicBands

Ultimate Guide to Disney World MagicBands

Navigating your way around Disney couldn’t be easier thanks to Magic Bands, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your ticket, all you fast pass info is connected to it and the ease of wearing it on your wrist and not rummaging for a paper ticket makes your day or week at Disney a little less stressful. Whether you are staying in a Disney owned and operated property or just visiting for the day you can still use a Magic Band.

What is a MagicBand?…

Quite simply it is a wristband that is worn while you are visiting Disney, the band is scanned at various locations throughout the park and it can also be used for location purposes such as finding your table seating when you place an order in a restaurant, cast members can use your band to locate you to bring you your order.

What exactly does a MagicBand do?…

There are various things to note that the band can do one thing to mention though is that no information is stored on the band it is simply receiving information from your My Disney Experience account, if your band is lost or damaged you don’t need to worry about anyone misusing your band as they can be deactivated with no one able to access your account.

Magic Bands act as room keys if you are staying on site, park admission, a payment method (can only be activated if you are staying on site), Fastpass+ lines, memory maker photo pass and they can be used to spend your Disney Dining Plan credits if you have one. Your Magic Band will be scanned at the main park gates as well as Fastpass+ lines throughout the park.

Getting a MagicBand?…

There are two different ways you can get your Magic Band if staying on site every member of your party will receive theirs free at check-in, using your My Disney Experience account, bands can be customised such as changing colours and text on the band ahead of time. If you aren’t staying on site, you can pick up a band from nearly every store in the park and resorts as well as the Disney Store online (US only) and also from the Disney Store at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Prices start from $20 with special character bands being available for purchase.

Do I have to use a MagicBand?…

The simple answer is no you don’t, you can still use your paper ticket to scan at the park entrance and the Fastpass+ locations, however, the bands do make this simple and are a lot more convenient to use. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

Can I reuse my old MagicBand from a previous trip?…

Yes, you can, once a Magic Band is linked to your My Disney Experience account you can use your band for future trips. One thing to note is that if you are staying onsite your band may not work when opening your room door, this is due to it being an old band. A cast member will be more than happy to sort this out for you upon check in.

How do I use my MagicBand?…

Staying on-site- at check-in, your band will be activated for you and linked to your account. Your band can be used for charging meals and purchases to your room, however, this option isn’t automatically activated you must ask a cast member to do this for you. For the cast member to set this option up for you they will ask you for a 4-digit pin which will need to be entered for every purchase and meal charged to your room, another reason why losing your band won’t comprise your account as this pin number will be needed to use the band for any purchases . This option isn’t compulsory if not selected you can still pay using cash or card it’s simply up to you if you want to use it or not.

Staying offsite- Once you have purchased your band a cast member in the store can link it to your My Disney Experience account or they can enter the number located on the back of the Magic Band into your account and link it that way.

Staying onsite or off once the band is linked to your account it will read all the information stored on your account such as Fastpass bookings and dining reservations, all changes need to be made through your account not on the band as the band simply reads the information. Once changes have been made the information will be automatically updated and your band will read the new info.

What do I do if I lose or damage my band?…

The bands are made to be very hard wearing and they are waterproof, so it is unlikely you will damage one in the rare event that you misplace your band make your way to Guest Services and they should be able to help with getting you a new one. This may come at a small cost depending on the circumstances. They will be able to replace your band for a coloured or grey one but if you had a special band this will need to be repurchased. Lost your band- don’t panic as I said previously no information is stored on the band and a pin number is needed to make purchases so nothing terrible can happen, a cast member will deactivate the old band and activate the new one for you.

Resizing your MagicBand?…

This is a little-known trick but if your child’s band is too big you can simply remove the grey outer strip and viola the band is now child size.

This guide will help you navigate the Magic bands and hopefully help take a little bit of stress out of your trip, Disney is one of the most magical places on earth and any with all the little details to think about your Magic bands don’t need to be one of them.

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