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Virgin Trains Start Construction For Rail Link From Miami To Disney World.

Virgin Trains Start Construction for Rail link from Miami to Disney World.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could ride in a comfy high-speed train from Miami all the way to Disney World in Orlando? Fortunately for you, this dream is about to come true. On Thursday, there was a launch of the renamed Virgin Miami Central Station by Branson. It was the first display in America of the Virgin Trains brand.

It’s president, Patrick Goddard did make a statement explaining that within 36 months, people could enjoy a train ride to Disney World. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel gave an estimate travel period of three hours provided the speed would range from 110 to 125 mph.

Other than giving folks a direct train ride from Orlando to Miami come 2022, the Virgin Trains will be able to ferry those going to vacations either in Miami or Orlando.

Despite the permits required and time strains, the president assured everyone that the 20-mile extension into Disney World would be completed in the stipulated timeline.

As at now, a drive to Walt Disney from Orlando airport can take at least 30 minutes without traffic. However, during peak seasons where traffic is high, it could take more than an hour. To those who prefer hiring a vehicle from the airport should know that it will take a bit longer and you likely have to incur extra parking costs.

You can get an overview of the transport fees of the Virgin Trains by comparing the current costs from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, which go for $17 to $35. To get access to the premium class, which entails cocktails, bigger seats and parking, you will have to pay more. Nonetheless, these extra perks are least likely to affect the trip from the Orlando airport to Disney World.

The Virgin Trains USA is set for a massive expansion in not only Disney and Orlando but other neighbouring states such as Las Vegas, S. California and Tampa.

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