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Volcano Bay Universal | Your Guide To Volcano Bay Orlando

Your Guide to Volcano Bay Universal

Are you looking to travel to Orlando? Do you love water parks? Well, here is your guide to Volcano Bay Universal.

Volcano Bay Universal is one of the three amazing parks to visit in Universal Orlando. It has excellent dining and fun rides. From great kids’ area to water slides, and spaces to relax, this water park is perfect for anyone and any age. It’s actually like being on a beautiful Island Resort.

How to get to Volcano Bay Universal?

To enter Volcano Bay you can only get there by walking or taking a shuttle. If you are staying at one of the Universal Orlando resorts, this is an easy way to commute there. If you are not staying within the resort, there is a garage at the City Walk you can park in. Either way, you will be able to still get into Volcano Bay. When using the Cabana Bay walkway or the shuttles, it only takes about 10 minutes to arrive at Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay Universal Tapu Tapu’s 

There is a band that is given to you to wear that is an all-access pass to everything at the theme park. The band is called a Tapu Tapu. What is also great they have a Universal Orlando App that you can download beforehand to make things go a lot quicker when you arrive. All you have to do is link your credit card and sign up for a personal pin number for the Tapu Tapu band. You can also set your own spending limits as well as disable your children from being able to make a charge on bands. Here is a fun fact for you: Guests who stay on the Universal site have early admission to the Volcano Bay. How great is that!

There are a few more awesome benefits with the Tapu Tapu. It has virtual line access. You can reserve your spot in line for a ride you would like to get on. Just tap your Tapu band and hold your spot in line. When it’s your turn to ride, it will alert you. Isn’t that so cool! No more waiting in line for long hours. Another fun feature is access to a lot of selfie spots and photo areas around the park. You can view the photos anytime because Tapu Tapu links your pictures for you. Have some magical time with some Taptu play. This band can give you memorable life experiences. Like shooting water at guests and controlling water streams from the whales. Things like locker access with your Tapu Tapu band and making payments with the band for food and merchandise are unique additional features as well. At the end of your visit, you return the Tapu Tapu.

Volcano Bay Universal Cabanas

There are quite a few rental options at Volcano Bay. Cabanas have single-family suites that house up to six people. You can choose ground or upper level. There are also stand-alone cabanas if you would like more privacy. For only 159.99 plus tax per day, this is definitely worth it. Family suite cabanas are 299.99 plus tax per day and can amazingly fit up to 16 people! There are towels for 4.99 per day that must be returned. They have premium seating that includes an attendant who services your food and drinks. For your safety, they have free life jackets for adults and children that are available all day. The Cabanas have refrigerators with bottled waters inside and snack and fruit baskets. To reserve a spot because the cabanas do book out fast, call 18774898068.

Volcano Bay Universal Food and Drink

There is plenty of delicious food at this theme park. Just about anything your stomach craves. At Volcano Bay, there are4 60 different dining options. One of the nice dining places is called Kohola Reef Restaurant and Social Club. They serve flavourful foods like coconut-crusted fried chicken, cobb salad, and plantains. If you love pizza, they have a great dining restaurant called Whakaiwai Eats located near the kids’ area in the back of the park. A couple of the yummy pizzas are the Hawaii pizza and Island BBQ Chicken pizza. Tropical Baby Green Salad is just one of the variety of wholesome salad choices they serve. The Volcano Bay also has taco restaurants for the taco lovers out there. The Feasting Frog is a great place to fulfil your taco craving. They have Pulled Chicken Mole taco and Carne Casado Taco. You can order a platter filled with tacos for you and your family. If you are more of a burger person, don’t worry there is a restaurant called Bambu Burger. They are located in a nice shady area of the park. They have the Bambu burger, Reka Burger, dressed however you like. They also serve the Pretzel Dog. They have tasty fried onion rings as well.

If you are looking for a good drink and just relax and cool down, they have great exotic drinks. A couple of bars I recommend are the Kunuku Boat Bar and the Dancing Dragons Boat Bar, One of the popular beers is the Volcano Blossom. It has a little honey and fruit in the beer. It’s a good drink if you prefer light beer. There are various cocktails to choose from and drinks are pretty strong so keep that in mind when indulging in one. There are attendants at the Waturi Beach that can serve you your drink so you can just enjoy the scenery.

There are so many fun attractions here at the park. There is a beautiful tranquil pool at the bottom of the volcano. Inside the Krakatau volcano, there are extravagant water slides that will get your heart racing for sure. There is also the Krakatau Aqua Coaster. It has canoes that fit up tp four people. After it rides through darkness and mists, it lands in a sparkly waterfall. If you are into racing, there is definitely a fun attraction called Punga Racers. Sitting on manta ray mats, you slide down lanes although sea caves that are underwater. How cool is that? You can race other guests so if you’re a competitive person this is perfect. Another great attraction that kids will also enjoy is the Tot Tiki Reef. It has tikis with spraying fountains, whales that sing and spray, and humungous slides. For water gun fun, there is the Runamukka Reef. Besides water guns, it has dump cups and slides. Plenty of enjoyment for children they will not get bored.

Once your visit is near the end of this magical adventure, you may want to take something with you as a souvenir. They have a store called Krakatoa Katy’s. They sell all types of items like beach towels, t-shirts, even swimming suits. They have plenty of awesome resort casual wear as well.


I hope this guide to the Volcano Bay Universal has enlightened you on what to expect. For unbeatable prices, it has great food, attractions, drinks, and excellent service, you will not be disappointed.

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