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Does It Snow In Florida? The History of Snowfall in Orlando

Does It Snow In Florida? The History Of Snowfall In Orlando

Does It Snow In Florida? It Has In Orlando, Miami

When people think of Florida, they often imagine warm beaches, palm trees, and sunshine. However, every now and then, Mother Nature surprises us with a rare phenomenon: snowfall in the Sunshine State.

This article will discuss whether it snows in two central Florida cities, Orlando and Miami. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the snowy surprises that have graced these usually tropical locations.

History of Snowfall In Orlando

January 1977: A Historic Snowfall

Snowfall In Orlando

One of the most notable instances of snow in Orlando occurred in January 1977. This event made history not only for Orlando but for the entire state of Florida. Snowflakes were reported in Orlando; astonishingly, they fell as far south as Miami and Homestead.

This marked the farthest south report of snow in Florida’s history. The rare occurrence of snow in these typically warm regions captivated the residents and created an unforgettable memory.

December 1989: A Winter Wonderland

Snowfall In Orlando

Another memorable snowfall in Orlando took place in December 1989. A winter storm swept through Florida, covering the Panhandle with a total of 3 inches of snow. However, the snow did not stop there.

Northeast Florida experienced its first white Christmas in reported history. Snowfall was even reported as far south as a line between Sarasota and Melbourne. The sight of snowflakes gently falling in a state known for its sunshine created a picturesque winter wonderland.

March 1993: The “Storm of the Century”

Snowfall In Orlando

The infamous “Storm of the Century” in March 1993 brought heavy rain, strong winds, and frigid air to Florida. Snowfall was reported in various parts of the state, including some areas in northern Florida where up to 3 inches of snow accumulated.

This unexpected snowfall added an extra layer of wonder to an already extraordinary weather event.

Snowfall In Miami

January 1977: Snowflakes In The Sunshine City

Snowfall In Orlando

Miami is renowned for its warm climate and vibrant beach culture. However, in January 1977, the city experienced a rare snowfall that surprised its residents. As snowflakes drifted down from up north, Miami and Homestead were transformed into a winter wonderland.

The sight of snow in Miami was so extraordinary that it made headlines and overshadowed even President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. This unique event remains etched in the memories of those who witnessed it.

December 1989: A White Christmas In Miami

Snowfall In Orlando

In December 1989, Florida witnessed another historic snowfall, and Miami was not left out. Freezing rain fell first, followed by snow, creating a beautiful white Christmas for the city. This marked the first time in reported history that Miami experienced snowfall on Christmas.

The snow extended as far south as a line between Sarasota and Melbourne, delighting residents and visitors alike with a truly magical holiday season.

The Rarity Of Snow In Florida

While snowfall is rare in Florida, these instances remind us that Mother Nature can surprise us at any time. The unique combination of weather patterns and cold air masses occasionally aligns to create a winter wonderland in unexpected places.

Floridians and visitors fortunate enough to witness these rare snowfalls have cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


While Florida is known for its warm, tropical climate, it is not entirely immune to the occasional snowfall. Orlando and Miami have experienced rare instances of snow, creating magical moments for residents and visitors.

The historical snowfalls in these cities, such as those in 1977, 1989, and 1993, will forever be etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness them. So, while a white Christmas in Florida may be a rarity, the possibility of snow adds an element of excitement to the state’s weather patterns.

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