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20 Things To Know Before Going To Harry Potter World

20 Things To Know Before Going To Harry Potter World

There are many magical things to do, see, eat and drink when visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando. There are recreations of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade located at different parts of the resort, so allow yourself enough time to visit both.

1. Get there early

As Harry Potter World is among the most popular part of the entire resort get there early to avoid the worst of the crowds and to find it easier to move around freely.

2. Go on the rides first

If you want to get on the most popular rides without waiting for several hours go on the likes of Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts as soon as you arrive.

3. There is more than one Butterbeer

Do not stick to one type of butterbeer, there is a wide variety to chose from so try all of them. Butterbeer is available chilled, frozen, or hot at various venues like The Leaky Cauldron in the resort.

4. Try a different drink

If you don’t want another butterbeer then you can try a Fishy Green Ale (without fish), a Pumpkin Juice, or a Tongue Tying Lemon Squash. Such beverages are available at most of the eateries. May be you could try Fire Whiskey as well.

5. Do not pay for a Gillywater

As attractively packaged as it might be there is no need to pay at least $4 for a bottle of Gillywater as it is only an ordinary bottle of water. It costs more if you buy an elixir, which is basically squash. Best thing is take your own empty bottle and fill up at any of the free fountains.

6. Ride the Hogwart’s Express both ways

The Hogwart’s Express is the train link between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, ride it both ways as each journey provides you with different experiences.

7. Express passes on all rides

Since 2017 express passes can be used on all of the Harry Potter rides. You can opt for the Universal Express Pass, which allows you on to each ride without queuing once, or go for the more expensive (yet better value) Universal Express Pass Unlimited, with unlimited use on all rides. Please check the cost of each nearer to your time of departure.

8. Choose the Single Rider Line

If you do not get there early and did not buy an Express Pass then choosing the Single Rider Line is another way to avoid long waits. It is ideal if you want to go on a ride again and nobody else in your party does, or they prefer to go on a different ride instead.

9. Be prepared for The Forbidden Journey

If you are prone to motion or sea sickness you could experience it on The Forbidden Journey so you may want to miss that one out, or take your usual precautions.

10. Have a look round the castle

If you think that going on The Forbidden Journey could make you ill simply tell a member of staff and you can take a tour of the castle instead.

11. Be prepared to pay for a wand

If you visit Ollivanders be warned that the wands are not cheap. The prices start at $44 with an interactive version costing $50. Interactive wands allow you to cast spells at certain places in the resort, most places are sign posted but some are there for you to discover.

12. You are not alone in the restroom

Do not be alarmed if you hear a hitch pitched cry or voice in the restrooms, it is just recordings of Moaning Myrtle.

13. Catch a performance

Throughout the day there are different live performances at differing places in the resort, so check the schedule and you can see a concert or watch a choir sing. Performances vary throughout the year.

14. Change lunch time

Perhaps the longest queues are at the eateries around lunch time, so if you do not want to wait an age for lunch go before the rush, or wait until afterwards,

15. Skip the Hippogriff ride

Unless your kids are too small for most of the rides skip the Hippogriff ride as it’s not worth the long wait.

16. Get Gringotts Money

If you want to spend Harry Potter money just exchange $10 and $20 notes for some at Gringotts to spend around the resort. If you have any Potter currency left you can exchange it back before you leave.

17. Send a postcard

You can buy postcards with special Owl stamps or just bring your own regular stamps, and send to those unlucky enough not to be there.

18. Get a sweet treat

Whether it’s Fizzing Whizzbees or Exploding Bons Bons get yourself a treat or two from one of the candy shops. Not that you have to stop at two…

19. Get a costume before going

You and people in your party may want to dress up during your stay. Bring costumes with you as the ones sold at the resort could burn a hole in your wallet or purse.

20. Phone the ministry

When you are outside Kings Cross Station you can call the Ministry of Magic by dialling 62442.

We hope these tips have helped you! Now you’re ready to enjoy the World of Harry Potter at Universal Resort!.

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