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Disney World Fastpass+ Guide

Disney World Fastpass+ Guide

What is it?…

Disney World FastPass + is an enhanced Disney service which allows you to pre-book tickets to attractions, entertainment shows and character encounters at Walt Disney World theme parks. This service has no cost and it is included in the cost of the entrance to the park.


You can start making selections for your FastPass + at 7:00 am (Local time) with up to 30 days before your visit. But if you stay at a Disney hotel you can book them up to 60 days before your arrival at the hotel.

These fast pass + are now available from your Disney Magic Band and they hold all your Fast Pass+ information and now also in an improved ticket system.

After using your Fast Passes, you can head on over to any Kiosk or load up the official Disney App and book your next Fast Pass+!

Tickets and Magic Bands…

The FastPass + service offers two modes of use. Tickets and magic bands

Magic bands are wristbands that contain identification chips, similar to the tickets. They offer Touch and go functionalities, fast pass + Memory Maker Photography spot capabilities. Although it is not mandatory to use the FastPass + service with a Magic Band, they are a good option due to the ease of access they offer. Magic Bands come in ALL sorts of designs, ranging from Frozen to Fantasia, Hulk to Hercules and Alice to Aladdin! To get your very own Magic Band it will cost around $ 20-$25 depending on where you go.


Each reservation lasts one hour from the time you book it for. So, if you book a FastPass + to ride Space Mountain at 5.30 you have until 6.30 to use it or change it. You can get to the park at any time during that reservation time and you will not have to wait around to enter. Simply scan the pass and walk straight on the Fast Pass line!

Disney only offers Fast Pass + at certain attractions and you can find a list of those on the Disney Website.

Best attractions to use FastPass in Magic Kingdom…

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Under the sea

Best attractions to use FastPass at Animal Kingdom…

Avatar Flight of Passage

Navi River Journey

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Rivers of light

Best attractions to use FastPass at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…

In this park there is an additional limitation: The attractions are divided into two groups that Disney calls Tier 1 and Tier 2

Basically, this limits the choice of attractions among the three Fastpass available in advance, you can choose one of “Tier 1” and two of “Tier 2”. These limitations do not apply when applying additional Fastpass+.

Toy Story Land

The Hollywood Tower of Terror


Star Tours

Best attractions to use FastPass at Epcot…

In this park there is also an additional limitation: The attractions are divided yet again into two groups that Disney calls Tier 1 and Tier 2

In Epcot they will not be able to choose at the same time Soarin and Test Track since both are in Tier 1.

Frozen ever after


Test Track


Kiosk Locations…

Magic Kingdom:

  • In Mickey’s PhilharMagic building
  • The restaurant “The Diamond Horseshoe” (in Frontierland)
  • Pete’s Silly Sideshow Store (in Storybook Circus)
  • Stitch’s Great Escape
  • Town Square Theater


  • Near the Tip Board
  • In International Gateway
  • In the Future World East passage
  • In the passage of Future World West breezeway
  • In Mission Space
  • In Soarin’

Animal Kingdom

  • In Kali River Rapids
  • In Primeval Whirl
  • In Expedition Everest
  • Outside of Disney Outfitters
  • Outside of Creature Comforts
  • In Kilimanjaro Safaris

What happens if we go to more than one park the same day?…

If your entry option includes the Park Hopper option (which allows you to enter more than one theme park on the day), after you use your first FastPass + selections in a Theme Park, you can make additional FastPass + selections (one at a time) for the 2nd park. The first 3 advance reservations can only be made in a single park but the additional Fastpass choices can be used in another park different from the one initially chosen,  whenever they have been used or have expired without use.

In summary: It is not possible to book 2 Fastpass in one park and the 3rd for another (the 3 must be for attractions in the same park) But it is possible to reserve a 4th Fastpass for another park after you use it and/or the Fast Passes you have booked are expired.

How to make a Fastpass + reservation in My Disney Experience (MDE)?

First up, you must have an account in (MDE) and then go to the “Fastpass +” From there, you can select the date and park you wish to select your fast pass from.

Then you must choose the experience and the time the day you want to go (AM/PM) and then you can will choose the option that best suits your plan.

The best time to schedule your 3 Fast passes is between 10.30 am and 3 pm. This way they will be able to enjoy the first hours of the park, which is when it is most empty, and you will also have several hours ahead to get additional Fastpass if you still want to check out the rest of the attractions.

The App will show you all the information about your Fast pass (attraction and window schedule), letting you choose to continue your next selection for the same day (“Same Day”) or another (“Different Day”) or see your selections.

What Fastpasses are the most useful in each park?…

The issue of the importance of each Fastpass is very subjective as it depends on the tastes of the members of your group and does not really have anything to do with the quality of the attraction but what you want to experience during your time at Disney.

The Fastpass related to shows or fireworks do not guarantee a certain seat but are a guarantee of admission at a certain time and the possibility of being located in a special place destined for Fastpass+.

Can I cancel or modify a FastPass+ selection?…

Yes. You can update or cancel the selections right up to the beginning of the arrival time as many times as you want and the availability of that attraction allows them (if the attraction has time available and you want to swap it for a later time. BEWARE! Popular attractions have very limited times to choose from)

Example: Modifications can be made until the beginning of the temporary window of the Fastpass that we are going to change. For example, if you choose Space Mountain from 10.30 to 11.30 am right up until 10.29 am, you can modify your selection by choosing another available time or attraction and that will replace the fast pass you have selected.

If my FastPass+ arrival time has gone, will I lose my chance to enjoy the attraction?…

The fast pass system gives you an entire hour time slot to get to your ride or attraction. Otherwise, don’t panic, just go back to the app or any Kiosk and grab another fast pass!

In the case of an unforeseen event that prevented them you from attending or making the Fast Pass+ on time, go have a chat with the Cast Member located at the front of the attraction for possible flexibility in special cases.

Do I need to print the Fastpass?…

No, it is not necessary to print them since all the data is linked to the “My Disney Experience” account and the Cast Members can see them from the application on your device (with iOS or Android operating system).

In the case that your smartphone does not have a compatible operating system if it is recommended you request a printed so you have them to hand.

Is there a difference in the system between Disney guests and non-Disney guests?…

The only difference between guests inside and outside Disney is time period you have to start making reservations.

The main difference is that the other Disney guests will have priority on the fast passes so there will be a limited selection in comparison. Other than that there is nothing exclusively available to either group so everyone has a fair chance to experience the entire Disney network of amazing parks!.

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