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How To Vlog Your Disney World Holiday Guide

How to Vlog your Disney World Holiday Guide…

If you’re taking the “Once in a lifetime” trip to Disney, you might want to consider capturing some of the moments of your trip. Be it with photographs or video, there are now more platforms than ever before to share your experience with others. Vlogging is the best way to capture the mood and memories of every single place you visit and here are some of the best tips we can offer to anyone wanting to “Vlog” their holiday!

This is the most important piece of information…  don’t live your trip through the camera! Experience the parks for yourself but capture the magic on film. Learn how to balance the trip with just the right amount of camera time and personal time.
Whilst you are taking your camera along to Disney in order to capture the magic of your holiday, you need to make sure you don’t forget to experience the magic for yourself too. Obviously the camera is there so you can keep those memories forever but you also need to remember to keep that balance. A good base rule to follow is that you should try to film during queues to recall what you just did or how you’re feeling, film the rides if you can do so safely and don’t forget to take lots of breaks during your day out.

Equipment: Modern phones now come with a phenomenally good camera but if you’re after some hardware recommendations there’s the Cannon G7x or the Sony RX100 – these two cameras have a flip screen function, so you can see what you’re filming when you’re going “Selfie style” vlogging. So you don’t really have to have your very own dedicated filming device, but it will give you that bit more security when it comes to the memory your videos will take up.

If you are vlogging with a dedicated camera you are going to definitely want a tripod. Selfie sticks are actually banned in Disney so a smaller handheld tripod for your camera will suit you just fine. Tripods not only provide a great “static base” for vlogging when you have a chance to set your camera down, they also offer superb stability when you film whilst moving.

If you are going to go down the tripod route, two very popular models are the Manfrotto and Gorillapod. The Manfrotto is lightweight, easy to use and provides a great portable base if you want to set up a stationary shot. The Gorillapod is a unique bendable tripod with multiple nodes that allow you to manipulate the legs into any shape. They are also very good at gripping to rails or creating a flat surface on an uneven spot.

As mentioned above, memory cards are literally going to save you a great deal of stress and can really help organise your holiday into set parks, days, events or anything else you want to organise. They will also give you space saving opportunities, so you can maximise your filming opportunities.

If you are taking a “GoPro” brand camera or any other “Action sports” camera, be sure to pack a compatible memory card for that camera. Whilst they can be picked up at any Target, Walmart or other suitable store, it’s an expense you don’t want to find out you have when it’s too late. These action cameras are water-proof, so you can take them along to the water rides and water parks without any worry of them getting damaged. Please do check the model of your camera to ensure its level of protection against water or if it can be completely submerged. Memory Cards – SD cards, 64gb recommended and having 2/3 to ensure you have enough memory. Colour code or mark with a permanent marker to identify which ones you need to swap to next.
MicroSD for any “GoPro” cameras you bring for water ride filming. MAKE SURE THEY’RE EXTREME 90mb/s (fast write for HD 1080p filming).

External 1tb hard drive is also recommended to store your footage to not clog up your Laptop and free up more space on memory cards. You will be filming LOTS of things during your time in the parks and you will be surprised at how much data the footage amasses to. Taking an external hard drive will keep all the footage in the same location, allows you to organise it safely and it will prevent your laptop from becoming bloated from over-storage.

This is very obvious, but you will be burning through battery life faster than you can safe “Oh Boy!” The amount you will film is restricted by how long you can film it for. With parades, shows, rides, sights and characters being around every corner of Disney, you will want to be able to capture it all. Power banks will also provide a “last resort” option for charging or just to keep a single battery topped up when you stop for a break. Spare batteries can be colour coded or numbered just like the memory cards to help you keep organised and stress free!

Batteries – obviously official batteries are best to avoid any (very small) risk of them not working but ensure you have at least enough to last an entire day of filming (6-8 hours continuous filming).

Now you’ve been given the basic information, all you need to do is go practice! Just like any other skill, vlogging will become easier, more natural and more unique to you every time you do it. So, capture every memory you wish to cherish and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

Vlogging at Disney World FAQ…

  • Can you vlog on rides at Disney? – You can vlog on almost every ride at Disney (if you can’t you will be informed by ‘signs’ in the queue or by a Cast Member).  if you decide to vlog a dark ride such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ it’s polite to cover your viewfinder (so you don’t ruin the experience for other riders).
  • Will I get YouTube Copyright Strikes for Ride Music.? – Yes (if your footage is longer than 15 seconds).
  • Can I take Selfie Sticks in Disney World? – No! Selfie Sticks are Banned in all Disney Parks (but you can take small tripods).
  • Can I film shows at Disney World? – Yes (unless otherwise stated)
  • Can I include Disney World Ride Videos from ‘Memory Maker’ in my Vlogs? – Yes (but they may demonetise your video)
  • Can I Vlog on Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? – Unfortunately filming is forbidden on Flight of Passage (but there’s no restrictions on Na’vi River Journey)
  • Will a Cast Member film for me when I meet a Character? – Of Course! just press record and inform them the camera is filming.



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