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The History Of Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom

The History of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Disney isn’t all about having to spend money on those little extra experiences. One of the absolute best freebies you can do in the Magic Kingdom is playing their interactive Trading Card game! Complete with multiple story arcs, new promotional cards for special events and randomised “booster packs” this can quite literally become an amazing hobby just to collect the cards on their own.

The story goes that the Disney Villain, Hades (along with his evil cohorts such as Ursula, Yzma, Cruella, Scar, Jafar, Maleficent, Ratcliffe and Dr.Facilier) have hatched an evil scheme to make the Dinsey Magic Kingdom their own personal playground and you have been chosen by the great Wizard Merlin to fend them off using magic spell cards of your very own! Of course, each Disney Villain will have a different “Story” to go with their game, but with the already colossal size of the Disney character catalogue, you can rest assured that this will be a great activity. Please take note, if you wish to play through the whole thing, you will need to set aside time throughout your holiday to get to all the various points in the park as some of these battles can take as long as 30 minutes or more! Yup, Disney really did go all out with this!

To get started on your quest, all you need to do is head on over to the Firehouse on Main Street (Behind the Christmas shop) and you will be given a VERY skeletal introduction to the game. Don’t worry, Disney designed it this way so you will have to go speak to other guests or cast members to collect intel on how the game can be played, learn the best tricks and know how to beat the villains!

Why play the game in the first place?

Well, that’s a great question, but the answer is simple. Why not? The packs are free, each guest can claim one pack per day and even if you don’t want to play, you can still collect these amazing artwork cards and bring them back home as souvenirs! Besides that, it’s a great way to experience something that’s ABSOLUTELY FREE and a nice little extra for guests of ANY age!  Finally, this game is the perfect way to kill some time whilst you wait for your Fast Pass ride time or a Disney Park event to start such as the Fireworks or Parades. It certainly beats sitting down scrolling through your phone! Stay in that Disney bubble and soak in as much Magic as possible! Plus it’s free, did I mention that already?

Where can I play?

There are magic portals scattered all across the Magic Kingdom, the only place you won’t find any Magic Portals is in Tomorrow Land. You’ll be given a map of where you can find these portals when you sign up to the game so you can always check roughly where they can be found.

Once you’ve found your fist Magic Portal, scanned Sorcerers Keycard and completed the battle contained within, you will be given a random location to one of the other portals in the park. This may be located at the other side of the Magic Kingdom so be prepared for some backtracking if you’re unlucky with the locations. If you manage to end up at the wrong portal, you’ll be reminded of the “Directions” to your next target portal when you scan your Sorcerers Keycard and continue your epic quest. Don’t panic though, you’re not given any penalties for stopping at the wrong portal so if you ever forget, just drop by and get a reminder to where you need to go next. The directions given are not specific and require you to keep a keen eye out for where the portals are located. It’s just another fun element to playing the game, so stay sharp and enjoy the sights! Who knows, you may even discover some Hidden Mickey’s along the way!

What are in the packets and how many cards are there?

Within the free packs, you will find 5 unique cards. Inside these packs, you will get 4 common cards and one Rare card. No two packs are likely to be the same, so if you’re a party of 6, that’s a HUGE 30 cards you have to choose from to help you in your battle against the Disney Villains! Don’t be discouraged if you get 2-3 of the same card, you can always find someone else who is playing and offer to trade them one of your spares, or if you really want to share the Disney Magic, you could give them the spare and create an extra Magic Moment for their trip!

“What separates the common cards from the Rare cards?” I hear you ask! It’s not that the Rare cards are stronger, some of the common cards can be just as good. the Rarity system is just so you can complete the set and have a sense of excitement when opening the packs looking for that one card you need to finish off your collection or just to get some extra special firepower in your fight against the Villains. Well it’s part of the fun trying to collect them all, isn’t it! Gotta catch ’em all am I right? There are a total of 22 Rare cards and 38 common cards that are available in the park provided free packs. That means there is a grand total of 60 cards that you can get absolutely free! You can also pay for a tabletop board game version to take home and play with your friends, albeit without that sprinkle of “Portal Magic” but it’s a lovely way to let your friends see what the game is like too. That’s not all though, there are $15 packs that also have the chance to contain ULTRA RARE cards, of which there are 10 in total, that can only be acquired through trading with other guests or buying them from the booster packets. The Booster packs contain 7 cards, of which one is an ULTRA RARE card, some tokens for the tabletop board game

Are we done there? Nope, not by a long shot! Everyone knows that Disney throws MASSIVE parties and events such as “Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party” and the “Christmas Festival”. During these times, special promotional cards can be found and ONLY during these times. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Disney during those times, you can net yourself an uncommon promo card on top of the free packet you get for starting your journey! How cool is that?!

So how do we play exactly?

Once you have your cards, you need to locate one of the Magic Portals, scan your Magic Band or ticket and get ready to go! When you have done so, simply approach it and have your cards at the ready! You’ll be greeted by some of Disney’s finest characters and they will talk you through a bit of the story before you have to help give the bad guys the boot!

When you’re in the “Battle mode” you can select any of the cards you have in your collection and through the magic of Disney, you can cast them simply by holding them up to the Magic Portal and have the spell, come to life before your very eyes! Each card has a different effect, animation and battle strength so pick wisely. Some are very defensive cards, some are very powerful attacking cards and others are great all rounder choices! Don’t think you can just throw your strongest spell in and hope for the best though, you will have to think carefully about your opponent and the spells you have available to cast! If you signed up as a group, you can all join in and pull off a MULTICAST! This will allow you to cast amazing combo’s enhancing your attacks and giving a mighty magic punch to the bad guys! The more people you sign up with, the more you can cast! It takes less than five minutes for a group of 4 to sign up and get ready to play, so bring along all your party and get ready to throw down together! You can also choose to split up into smaller groups if you so wish, but the more the merrier I say!

You don’t have to complete them in one go, you can follow the game across the park as you wish, but if you do manage to finish the whole thing in one day (a total of 9 battles), you can head on back to the start to claim another COMPLETELY FREE pack! How amazing is that?

I’ve finished the game, is there anything else I can do with it?

Oh you poor unfortunate soul! You’ve finished the game you say? Did you find it too easy? Let’s give it another go then. Each time you play it, the game will make the quests harder, starting on Easy mode progressing into Normal mode then when you think you can master the game, try it on HARD MODE! Did you try out all your cards? Why not go back and play it again but with some more boosters? Think you’ve seen it all? Try multi-casting with two cards or more and you might just get a surprise! No matter how many times you play the game it can always throw a little bit of fun in to your day! Also if you’re a veteran to the game, why not help out some newcomers? Disney is the most Magical place on Earth, so spread some of that magic and that good feeling is a reward in its self!

The only thing left to do is throw this amazing freebie into your Disney plans and take the first steps towards your Magic Kingdom Quest!

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